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I talk lots 'n lots... no really

A place where people can read/ignore my rambles about whatever I want. Some are obvious, some may make you think, some being plain stupid, all of which are completely nonsensical and long reads; it's all me. Choose wisely, and if you have any sanity, leave now.

Wait, then how is this any different from ranting on the main blog? Well, these rants will attempt to have "more" coherence and of a point than most of my blogging; let's aim for insightful. Or perhaps I shall take a stab at reviewing. There, you happy?

Also, refrain from stealing please. Because there is no point. :\

reviews of sorts

Concert Reviews (a.k.a. fangirling nonsense)

  • Dir en Grey [20081116]: One of the best moments in my life. Ever.
  • X Japan [20101007]: I have been Xed; and it was EPIC. 4th row ftw!