that girl

To sum me up... well, it isn't all that easy to do so. If that wasn't a good enough description, the alternative below may suffice:

A crazy girl ambitious lady in an ever so wonderful world. She can be anything and everything... "because she can."

le stats

"aimless" is right
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[ x ] Canadian.
[ x ] 80's child.
[ x ] Pseudo-proletariat.
[ x ] Obsessive-rambler.
[ x ] Karaoke-junkie.
[ x ] Convention-goer.
[ x ] Fucker for Fandom.
[ x ] p a r a n o i d ?
[ x ] Wannabe artist.


  • listening to: VANGUARD - exist†trace ( ♡ ♡ ♡ )
  • watching: nothing much.
  • reading: something... soon
  • eating: full. full. full.

    extra tidbits

    (☆) P h i l i a
    amusement parks, animation, arcades, art, bubble tea, carrot muffins, chilling, conventions, drawing, drinking, "fashion", garageband, graphic design, gaming, green, guitars, illustration, internet, KARAOKE, laziness, lounging, music, philosophy, photography, photoshop, poetry, psychology, rambling, screaming, sleeping, sociology, sushi pizza, voice acting, web design, etc.

    (☆) Musical Muses
    2NE1, 2PM, Akira Yamaoka, Antic Cafe, Archive, Bat for Lashes, BOA (band), Big Bang, Blue Dawn, cali≠gari, controller.controller, Desert Chang, D'espairsRay, Dir en Grey, Doremidan, exist † trace, Faye Wong, F.I.R., hide, Kagrra, Kokusyoku Sumire, Lolita23q, Malice Mizer, 雅-MIYAVI-, MUCC, Muse, Plastic Tree, Portishead, Psydoll, See-Saw (anything with Yuki Kajiura is <3), Seo Taiji, Shiina Ringo, SID, the GazettE, Uncut, Yasunori Mitsuda (<333), X Japan etc...

    ...Visu friendly? I'm pretty tolerant~ Really, I <3 music in general.

    ...more to come after I think of more things to spam.