The Site

Why the Fudge did you make a site like this?

Even though I made a billion blog/journal accounts, this is pretty much my very first blog site (all the way back when it was hosted in geocities, haha). Also, what better place to spam like a mofo and practice mah non-existent web/graphic design skillz. We cool?

About the Layout(s)

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Current Layout

'PSYCHE'... thousand miles away. I'm back to my delusional world of jrock ☆ land, or so it seems. Never a bad thing, I guess.

This time my layout features hide. I remember being boggled for the longest time as to why so many fans adored him. I mean, I liked some of his songs, such as Beauty & Stupid (first song I heard of his), Pink Spider, and even ELECTRIC CUCUMBER with zilch. But I think after seeing X Japan live, as well as re-listening to his works, I grew a far better appreciation for his music.

Not quite the bawling fangirl, but I can honestly say he had charismatic talent, infused with a variety of strange, fun-loving songs. Honey Blade bein' my #1 fav. :)

Moving on from that brief digression... onto the actual layout! I tried to incorporate the eclectic mix of his eras:

  • layout title is the track featured on zilch.
  • pink spider lyrics. and some pink doesn't hurt ;0
  • image from his psyence era.
  • texture is psychommunity hair :D

    At one point, I was very tempted to name this layout hideyourlayout, but... I have no idea why I didn't. Regardless, I am happy with my results :)

    Image credit/link: Scavenged through old folders I had; if you are one of its providers, please tell me and I will credit appropriately.

    *** and of course, I do not own hide nor his image; that's just silly ._.