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Easter Egg hub, where I link whatever the heck I want, because it is "my corner" :)

4ME: Received

...people give me stuff o.o

I'm just a sentimental person. But I love gifts! The drawing/art/design kind, especially :D

From Nadin:
From an online friend of mine a long while back; too bad we lost touch D:
From Fain:
You are too awesome for words, yo. Luffsh you loads.
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some fun facts

Random facts ftw:

  • I'm a K-Star.Punk model. In my dreams.
  • You know those rubber bindings near the end of a conveyor belt in grocery stores? That all happened because of me. ;P
  • I appear to be as stupid as a door, but doors are inanimate, thus it makes no sense.
  • Adobe PS is my life.
  • I love rollercoasters to death.
  • Red wine tastes better than white wine.
  • Waffles are love.
  • I like weird stuff.
  • Ignorance is bliss.
  • I rant a lot.


    manic obsessive corner

    I admire Kyo from Dir en Grey for various reasons:

  • His vocal range is insane, ranging from godly to rabid dog on speed.
  • He actually writes his own lyrics [from being beautiful to the most messed up garbage all of which, it being in style].
  • Hell, he could compose songs and write poetry.
  • He lies more than I do.
  • He guarantees to get a reaction from the audience through his performance.
  • He acts like an OD'ing psycho. Hell, he might just be one.
  • He can do his crack dance and get away with it.
  • He can look like a clown and get away with it.
  • He can do the most perverted crap and get people staring.
  • He can do the most grotesque and disturbing acts and it'd still be amazing.
  • He can act like an emo, and make it look cool.
  • He can tell us all to go fxxk ourselves, and we'd still admire him.
  • Last but not least, he is haawwwwwt ;0