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Welcome to xfragrance; a strange personal blog site of goodness and original works of some sort... erhhm, ok. whatever. This is what I call a personal sanctuary, manic self-indulgence you might say. So expect nothing profound nor professional. Or even useful.

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    06 Dec 2010 05:57 am
    so lyk, over a year later, i do a new layout :)

    i've tried several different styles with this layout. such as centering it, and having more color, but... large amount of white spaces it is :D layout features hide, which you can read my rambling/reasons in "the site" section.

    speaking of which, i've also somehow stumbled upon "seth et holth" in the wee hours of the morning. i had no idea what i was getting myself into, but i usually expect the weirdest; weird for this short film is an understatement. i was somewhat vaguely reminded of tetsuo the iron man, but was much more confused. if that's even possible.

    so let's sum up the first few minutes!
    binary. maggots. psychedelic bug traveling. fucking tongue licking eyes. i think i would have enjoyed the cracktastical surrealness much more if it weren't for that, but i think that's just my phobia with eyes + anything.

    and although they make love through their eyes and communicate with blood... the particular scene in the church looked like a blood mating ritual ._. or an intense conversation, i suppose. or was it all a dream? oh, you bloody fanservice, you. <3

    but it's not to say that i hated this film; i thoroughly enjoyed the music and overall industrial, drug-induced, mind numbing aesthetics; t'was artistic in the most bizarre and disturbed sense. although i can't say i understand it (regardless of subtitles). ignorance of religion, along with its corruption? confusion and madness of society? stealing the eye of a virgin sacrifice? but i read that it contains egyptian undertones, so uh... yay. hide, you write the most intriguing tales, seriously.

    and onto some more j-rock-ish digression... exist†trace... come to canada, plskthx. i will totally stalk you gals, because you are so fucking badass and awesome. and did i forget to mention, badass? tempted to pre-order the US version of twin gate, regardless that half the tracks came from previous EPs... but yeah ._. let's end the fangirling rant, and continue it in the form of fanart, ok?

    ps - kanonxkanon is godly. they will be called kanon squared in my book :D

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    16 Nov 2010 04:39 am
    So it's been a little over a year since I made any activity for this blog. Kind of sad, but at least I'm making some kind of attempt now. Although I really shouldn't at this moment of time, but... I dunno, thinking of a creative outlet. aka I should make a new layout :x

    That I shall go do.

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